For contract means everything that is part of the production of furniture and furnishing solutions for all types of local and public bodies (hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, waiting rooms, airplanes, trains, ships, ferries, restaurants, dentist chairs, wall cladding and office facilities for fairs, gyms, etc).

MAGICOTEX is able to provide specialized companies a wide range of products for the decoration of interiors and exteriors. The wide variety of products we sell, allows the space to be more classic lines to more creative and innovative collections. Considering the many areas in which they are applied our items, we are provided with all the appropriate certificates.

In the furniture section, you can view some of the many items that we can offer for this specific area.

Also, we are official dealers in Italy the entire product range and Griffine Plastibert, leading brands in Europe regarding the CONTRACT sector.

The colors of the products shown in the pictures should be considered as a general and approximate data of the product and not binding with respect to the material delivered because of the light and weather conditions of the context in which they were taken. This applies to all the images in the catalog and for all products in the range.